Jul 14, 2009

Yeay.....Faris Adib sudah 4 bulan....

Harini Faris Adib dah 4 bln.... Terasa sekejap jer masa berlalu.....
Harini adik demam.. harap sembuh cepat la.... kesian tengok bb demam.... huhuhu...

14 mac 2009
ni gambar masa baru keluar dr labour room... sejuk hati mama tengok.
(dr camera hp- tak sharp gambo)

gambar masa faris adib berumur 2 hari
15 mac 2009

hari ke 3 - 16 mac 2009

faris adib sebulan
14 april 2009
mama banyak snap guna hp jer sebb tak sempat nak amik kamera..... tu yg blur sikit gambo.. 2mp jer...

faris adib 2 bln
14 Mei 2009

Faris Adib 3 bln
14 Jun 2009

Faris Adib 4 bln
14 Julai 2009

mama sayang faris adib n kakak so much... mmmuuuaaahhhhhhhssssss........

Alhamdulillah, Faris Adib dah blh buat mcm2......


Welcome to the world of the 4-month-old, where every day is filled with exciting new discoveries -- and constant reminders that your baby is preparing to take on the universe. About now, your baby's laugh is likely to be the most welcome sound in your home. She's truly learning to communicate with you and others around her. What fun!

Milestones this month*

  • Your baby can raise herself up on straightened arms while lying on her tummy and look all around.

  • She can grasp a rattle.

  • Baby laughs out loud.

  • She squeals with delight.

  • Baby smiles spontaneously.

  • She pays attention to very small objects.

  • Baby experiments by making new sounds.

  • She recognizes parents and siblings.

*All babies have their own internal developmental timetable. If your 4-month-old hasn't yet reached these milestones, rest assured that she will in time. If you have concerns about your baby's development, discuss them with her doctor.

What your baby is discovering

  • Hands Because baby can't crawl or walk yet, your little one literally is trying to pull the world toward her. You may notice baby intently studying her hands; at some point, she'll bravely stuff them into her mouth, surprising herself with the knowledge that these fascinating appendages actually are part of her! Once your baby has mastered this skill, she'll try the tricky stuff -- grabbing one hand with the other and then pulling them apart.

  • Toys New skills call for new toys. Your baby will love brightly colored, squeaky toys; soft, bumpy textures are good, too. Give your baby toys with knobs, handles, and loops -- anything that provides an easy grip. Look for safe baby toys that are one solid piece; stay away from those with small parts and ones that could fit entirely into her mouth. Crib gyms and play gyms are great at this age. Your baby can lie under them and squeeze, bat away, or kick at the brightly colored objects that hang within her reach. Mirrors and bells are popular attractions on these gyms, too. Be sure to check the toy package label for information regarding age appropriateness.
  • Laughter Maybe it's a high-pitched giggle or a rumbling belly laugh, but the first few times it erupts from her mouth, your baby may surprise herself. Your positive reactions to her peals of laughter will let her know that she's truly making a joyful noise.

Oh, sweet sleep
Your baby's increased activities also may account for another major 4-month developmental step: She's starting to sleep on a schedule! Most 4-month-olds are sleeping through the night for about nine hours at a stretch. This means that her daytime sleep probably is more predictable now, too -- typically morning and afternoon naps that each last for two to three hours.

Keep in mind that your baby still may stir often during the night, make little noises or perhaps even awaken. If she's not fussing, it's best to leave her alone so she can learn to put herself back to sleep. If she can't fall back to sleep on her own, try speaking softly or patting her first. If that doesn't work, lift her out of the crib for a feeding or diaper change. Keep the lights low, and talk softly and as little as possible. Try not to turn this break into playtime; the more relaxed she is, the more likely she'll fall back to sleep soon.

Article taken from
your baby today


mimie said...

cutenyer mr president...... suka tengok dia gelak.... ;)

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