Jun 7, 2009

xoxo......gossip girl


Being busy as always, I didn’t have time to watch my favourite show, gossip girl... So, today I wanna watch gossip girl marathon.. hahahaa.. hope I can finish it before going to kenduris... school holidays maa, so many kenduris laaa...

It’s fun to watch gossip girl.... It's all scandal and drama and it takes place on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. It's about smart, bratty uniformed kids at a prep school and their sensational, overwrought lives n not forgetting their designer bags... aauuuuwww.. droooool....

I luurrveee Blair n Serena... I like Dan but not anymore.. Sometimes I think he’s annoying me with his attitude... boleh blah... I hope Blair will end up with Nate and Serena still with Dan despite their problems.....mcm2 halangan diorg ni... ala2 laila majnun pun ada... hehehheee..

So this weekend, I'll abiskan gg, hubby abiskan supernatural... I like sam n dean, but I ni penakut la.. so a Big no no la for me to watch supernatural... karang takut dpt nightmare tetiap malam plak... dean tu ensem abis..


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