Aug 10, 2010

URGENT: Personal Assistant Wanted

Candidate Must:
  1. Be able to speak, read & write in english
  2. have good command of microsoft office
  3. be willing to travel
  4. have a valid "Class D" driving license
  5. able to fill-in questionaires

Free accomodation available (Block D HAMNA FLAT, Sungai Dua, Penang).
Tenure: 10 months.

Interested - please call Dr. Eshrat Hussain Basri 010 3797925

Disclaimer: This blog and it's blogger takda kena mengena dengan Dr. Eshrat di atas. Kami cuma tolong iklankan saja. Deal betul2 dengan dia sebelum setuju menerima kerja ini.

1 comment:

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